Where is this place? NOMINEE Sadra Bagheri Where is this place?
City Tales From Frunze NOMINEE Chris Bierl City Tales From Frunze
Presence obscure NOMINEE Xavier Blondeau Presence obscure
Concrete Doesn't Burn NOMINEE Bertrand Cavalier Concrete Doesn't Burn
My glasses don't let me sleep NOMINEE Ratul Chaudhury My glasses don't let me sleep
Chui Hong Estate NOMINEE Luka Čulig Chui Hong Estate
Monuments NOMINEE Pierre Descamps Monuments
Fairy Castles of Donetsk NOMINEE Andrii Dostliev Fairy Castles of Donetsk
Spaces Between NOMINEE Tom Finke Spaces Between
Beyond What is Written NOMINEE HARRY FLOOK Beyond What is Written
Except the clouds NOMINEE berangere fromont Except the clouds
With the best of intentions NOMINEE Alessandro Gallo With the best of intentions
A Japanese Night Wandering NOMINEE simon gasquet A Japanese Night Wandering
A place to live. NOMINEE camille gharbi A place to live.
The house of wanderer NOMINEE Ramil Gilvanov The house of wanderer
Updated Landscape NOMINEE Guillaume Hebert Updated Landscape
Shadow streets NOMINEE Leila Hichri Shadow streets
NOMINEE Adrien Huntzinger "Where is the stage ? Right here."
 Inside the landscape urban NOMINEE paolo iommelli Inside the landscape urban
Walking Home NOMINEE Lucy Jarvis Walking Home
江汉泠泠 NOMINEE Dian Jiao 江汉泠泠
contacts.//crossing cities NOMINEE Markus Kaesler contacts.//crossing cities
Rough Brutalism NOMINEE Ruta Krau Rough Brutalism
Felicific Calculus NOMINEE Eric Kunsman Felicific Calculus
Omnia Mutantur NOMINEE Vincenzo Labellarte Omnia Mutantur
The center of spare-time activities NOMINEE Benjamin LE BRUN The center of spare-time activities
Vertical buildings NOMINEE Lorenzo Linthout Vertical buildings
The Double Identity of the Corner NOMINEE massimiliano maddalena The Double Identity of the Corner
Nordest Graffiti NOMINEE Nicola Mazzuia Nordest Graffiti
Skirodemata NOMINEE Sophia Michaelides Skirodemata
The Fading City NOMINEE Mary Grace Montives The Fading City
kaleidoscope NOMINEE Katarzyna Nizinkiewicz kaleidoscope
The Underground NOMINEE Lucas O'Neil The Underground
Encoded Suprematism NOMINEE Jakub Pasierkiewicz Encoded Suprematism
Changing Landscape NOMINEE Barbara Rossi Changing Landscape
Sleeping District NOMINEE Ivan Sapkov Sleeping District
Matera NOMINEE Federico Scarchilli Matera
Where the streets have no name NOMINEE Benedikt Schnabel Where the streets have no name
The beauty of decay NOMINEE Michael Schwan The beauty of decay
Green City NOMINEE Evgeniy Stepanets Green City
peripher NOMINEE Andreas Tschersich peripher
Entre Nubes NOMINEE Ana Vallejo Entre Nubes
Unconscious Tuscany NOMINEE Lorenzo Valloriani Unconscious Tuscany
Dark Habana NOMINEE Santiago Weksler Dark Habana